August 17, 2019 / 6:40 PM

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‘The Defenders’ Review: Miniseries Ends with a Loud, Confusing Bang



The eighth episode of Marvel's heavily-teased "The Defenders" marks the conclusion of the team-up miniseries. As the street-level heroes faced the "Hand," the plot and motivations became as brittle as the Midland Circle.

After Daredevil and Jessica Jones gets the reluctant Luke Cage to agree on blowing up the Midland Circle, which housed the Hand and Elektra, they proceed to the bottom of the building, intending to save Iron Fist. What they find is a skeleton of a giant dragon, which the Hand wants to use for their convoluted plot. As Entertainment Weekly shares, the Hand is using that fossil to create the drug that make them immortal. A battle then takes place on the ancient dragon's ribcage between "The Defenders" and the evil organization.

On the surface, Colleen and Claire's task of setting up the explosives are halted by Bakuto and some of his henchmen. Each member of "The Defenders" were given some a fight or two to highlight their skills, given that it is the last episode and all. Misty loses an arm, Bokuto gets decapitated, and the heroes slowly get the upper hand.

Later on, Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, goes all "hero mode" and lets the other "Defenders" escape via the elevator while he remained to handle Electra, which IGN calls as a rehash of their face-off in season 2 of "Daredevil." Once "The Defenders" got out, Midland Circle explodes, leaving Daredevil presumably dead.

In the closing parts of the episode of "The Defenders," everything seems to be going back together for the team. Cage and Jones, played by Mike Colter and Krysten Ritter respectively, seem to be patching things up, though the "coffee" offer got a soft pass from Cage. Most of the other characters are getting ready to continue their respective shows.

All in all, despite the buildup that was made for the series, it seems that the show was lackluster at best. Characters were underutilized, plot was everywhere then nowhere, and it leaves a rushed feel at the end. 


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