August 17, 2019 / 7:30 PM

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WATCH: Björk Performs On TV For The First Time In 8 Years



Björk returns to television to grace the small screen audience with her music for the first time in eight years.

She performed "Courtship" and "The Anchor Song" on Later With Jools Holland.

"Courtship" is featured in Björk's 2017 album Utopia. For her performance, the singer assembled a group of flutists while singing the lines to her song. She also kept the flutists during her performance of "The Anchor Song," which is featured on her 1993 album Debut.

Björk's Three-Track Remix LP

Other than her recent performances, Björk also announced the upcoming release of her three-track remix LP on May 15. The album will feature different versions of the song "Arisen My Senses."

The first remix will be by Lanark Artefax. The second remix, which is a more upbeat version of "Arisen My Senses," is by Jlin. The third remix is by Kelly Lee Owens, a record producer.

Björk's Back-To-Back Albums

In related news, Utopia serves as Björk's follow-up to her 2015 album Vulnicura. The songs featured in Utopia are "Blissing Me," "The Gate," "Utopia," "Body Memory," "Features Creatures," "Losss," "Sue Me," "Tabula Rasa," "Claimstaker," "Paradisia," "Saint," and "Future Forever."

The songs in Vulnicura, on the other hand, are "Stonemilker," "Lionsong," "History of Touches," "Black Lake," "Family," "Notget," "Atom Dance," "Mouth Mantra," and "Quicksand."

Last year, Björk opened up about the obvious difference between Utopia and Vulnicura. The former is deemed to be more optimistic, while the other is quite sad.

Björk said that the final gigs she did for Vulnicura were at the Carnegie Hall, and they were so tragic. The people who attended the show all experienced heartbreak.

"And they were all telling me their stories. It was really sweet and genuine, you know? And with the performances, I was like: 'This has to be discreet and treated with grace,'" said Björk.

When it came to Utopia, Björk wanted to show her fans that optimism in the time of President Donald Trump is a choice. She said that she had been working on the album for two years when Trump got elected.

"I felt like, 'OK, it's really important now to be intentional. If you feel this world is not heading the right way, you have to be DIY and make a little fortress, over here to the left," said Björk.

Björk is an Icelandic singer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and DJ. The 52-year-old first became known as the lead singer of Sugarcubes. In 1993, Björk embarked on her solo music career.

Her other albums include Post and Homogenic.

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