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Celebrities who vape: consequences



Vape History of creation

It is believed that the Hong Kong resident Hong Ling created a miracle device. His father had lung cancer. Honga Ling thought that his father died because of the smoking of regular cigarettes and decided to come up with a device less harmful to health. And to protect people from addiction in 2003, the inventor takes the first steps to create an alternative smoking device. The main component of the electronic cigarette was a spiral and a wick inside it. The wick was soaked with a liquid that the smoker inhaled. The liquid evaporated due to the heating of the helix. Over time, the electronic device was improved. But as soon as an element spoiled in a cigarette, it could not be replaced, and the device could only be thrown away.

The origin of the word "vape"

From a scientific point of view, smoking could be called "inhalation", but this word did not suit either smokers or those who promoted this product for soaring. And it was decided to replace "inhalation" with "vaping". Vape got a more powerful battery and a large reservoir for the liquid. The device has become entirely different from the classic e-cigarette and has become popular all over the world. Until now, there are disputes over the harmfulness of the e-cigarette (read more here), but those who are tightly hooked on it are not going to give up the soar. Vapers of the whole world have created their own vape culture with their habits and traditions. Vapers have their style and attitude to life. Among the vapers, there are representatives of hip-hop culture, ravers, gamers, bikers, and hipsters. Many representatives of these subcultures actively use vape. There are a lot of people of various specialties among those who like to soar vape. These are political figures, medical workers, bloggers, who by their own example proved that vape would become a mass phenomenon. Vape fans have created their community and are actively sharing new products and innovations in this area. Below is a list of celebrities who promoted the vape.

Leonardo Di Caprio. Leo was photographed by the paparazzi when he rode a bicycle. In addition, the Hollywood movie star does not hesitate to soar even at film awards. Leo has repeatedly been spotted for this habit on vacation. The Oscar winner once again proved that electronic cigarette is a cool habit that does not harm others.

Katharina Heigl. This famous American actress has become famous thanks to the television series "Anatomy of Passion". She also played in feature films. This woman for the first time demonstrated her passion for vape on the CBS show. There, Catherine blew defiantly at the camera so that everyone could appreciate her hobby.

Azim Chowdhury - well-known lawyer. This man defended many manufacturers of vapes from lawsuits. The lawyer works for Keller and Heckman LLP. This company is engaged in the protection of manufacturers of food additives and representatives of the chemical industry.

Hollywood star Johnny Depp was seen with an e vapor on the set of the movie "The Tourist." Everyone knows that Depp is a smoker with large experience. He was a fan of classic cigarettes. But it is not yet known whether vape will become his new passion.

Phil Busardo. This person is engaged in blogging. More than one hundred thousand users subscribed to him. His videos are viewed fourteen million times. The blogger advanced his channel by doing vape reviews. Now Phil is invited to numerous exhibitions and events dedicated to vape culture.

Katy Perry is also crazy about e cig vaporizer. The original girl, actress, singer and ambassador of the United Nations, a girl who is nominated for a Grammy Award 13 times, continually takes her device with her.

Konstantinos Farsalinos. It was this doctor from sunny Greece who researched on the effects of soaring on the human body. Argued that his research is objective. Konstantinos describes in his experiments both the positive and negative sides of soaring. His work publishes in well-known editions on medicine. A doctor from Greece claims that best e-cig is safer than a cigarette.

Michelle Rodriguez. Hollywood director, actress, screenwriter and smoker with experience, love to use vapes. Michelle desperately fought the bad habit of smoking, but her struggle was in vain. She notes that she found her pleasure in the vape.

Brian Fogtik. One of the managers of the company NJOY, which occupies a significant place in the vape market. When he was a US government clerk, he was promoting vaping and protecting it at the legislative level.

This is the list of celebrities who chose vape: Katherine Heigl; Snoop Dogg; Kara Delenville; Ronnie Wood; Samuel L. Jackson; Jack Nickleson; Tom Hardy; Marine Le Pen.

It is sometimes necessary for all of us to relax. And vape has become so famous even among Hollywood stars because it is not as harmful as cigarettes. In addition, it can be carried with you anytime, anywhere. As a result, in a short time, the use of this device turned into a kind of subculture.

And this is not the whole list of stars who joined the vapers. What can be said about the fact that more and more celebrities are moving to the side of the e-cig?

Firstly, I think no one doubts that any self-respecting "celebrity" has a place to be a personal physician, cosmetologist, etc. For them, health, appearance, the image of the artist has always been, is and will be in the first place. And I sincerely doubt that if vaping threatened at least one of these points, then the same Lily Allen and Di Caprio would continue to soar, and even constantly to experiment with devices.

Secondly, given the financial well-being and social status of representatives of the stellar West, it cannot be said that vape is a toy for young people, pure fun. If over time more and more celebrities refuse cigarettes in favor of devices, therefore, the reasons for these changes are much more serious than mere curiosity or the desire to experiment.

About the author:

Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.)

Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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